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Estimating Services

Estimating Hits The Ground Running

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Estimating Department

Our Estimating Department was established in 2002 to provide plan takeoffs as an additional customer service. After evaluating estimating software packages, we settled on a full-featured system that allows us to tailor our estimates to local practices. This program works seamlessly with our point of sale system for a completely integrated workflow that is state of the art.

Knowledgeable Sales Staff

A successful estimate starts and ends with our professional sales staff. They will review your plans and requirements, then start the process of developing a complete job esti​mate. This can include a lumber list, windows, doors, siding, trim and millwork. You can decide which packages you wish them to include in the bid.

The Estimating Process

When you ask for an estimate, we will work with you to prepare an intake form to verify which packages you wish to receive. You can choose f​rom two different level​s of detail:

  • The standard takeoff includes framing lumber and plan view structural hardware only.
  • The customized takeoff includes framing lumber and plan view hardware as well as your choice of various additional components including siding, roofing, exterior and interior trim, insulation, sheetrock and more.

Our software system then allows us to track your takeoff and update where it is in the process. Regardless of the options se​lected, the materials list transfers directly into our point of sale system for greater accuracy and time savings. To learn more about takeoffs and for pricing please contact your nearest Dunn Lumber sales representative.

Plans Handling

Along with the ability to do a material take off from a traditional paper set of plans we can receive plans in several electronic formats. PDF files by e-mail, thumb drive, CD-Rom and others are all within our capabilities. Additionally we can scan paper plans to PDF and route them to various vendors, suppliers or specialists for you.