Dunn Lumber offers cutting services at each of our nine Puget Sound locations. Your first six cuts per order are free; any additional cuts are $.50. All cuts must leave 12" of material behind, be prepaid, and be clearly explained and drawn out for an accurate job (to ensure that we are providing material within a tolerance of 1/4").

We value your safety and the safety of our Dunn Lumber team members, so please know that due to safety, we’re unable to make:

  • Angle or partial cuts
  • Any cuts on material over 3/4" on our panel saws
  • Cuts on lattice, plastic roofing, pipe, or plastic laminate

Please allow for a 72-hour turnaround. For special orders, visit your nearest Dunn Lumber for a quote.

Precision Cuts

We offer $5 precision cuts within 1/16" including rips and crosscut on plywood and lumber - at our Bellevue location. The max length of product we're able to cut is 12'.

Please note, lead times vary by the number and types of cuts.

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