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Lumber, Hardware, & Home Improvement store since 1907

Dunn Lumber is a Seattle-based and family-owned building material supplier started by Albert Dunn in 1907.

Today, we have nine locations in the Puget Sound area, employing more than 400 people and carrying more than 28,000 different products.

To this day, Dunn Lumber remains privately owned and is led by CEO Mike Dunn, the great-grandson of our founder.

  • Dunn Promise


    Why choose Dunn Lumber? In 1907, Albert Dunn promised to always give our customers and employees a square deal. Five generations later, we're still a local, family-owned business committed to that same promise. Let’s continue to build success together.

  • Quality Materials


    We believe in providing you with lifelong value, not short-term gain. We strive to stock and sell quality materials so your projects can withstand the test of time

  • Expert A


    The number one reason to trust Dunn Lumber with your project is our team. Between our nine locations, our team members have more than 3,500 combined years of experience. All these wonderful people are here to help you, free of charge.

  • The Dunn Vault

    The Dunn vault is a symbol of our most valuable asset: your trust. Hear Mike Dunn tell the story of the century-old vault that still stands today.