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The Art of Form - This is Then and Now.​


What is Metrie™ ​​​​​

In its 88th year of business, Moulding & Mil​lwork – the largest manufacturer of interior finishings in North America – is changing its name to Metrie™. ​​The launch of the new company name coincides with the debut of ​​five all-encompassing design Collections of coordinated interior trim and doors. In addition to coordinated moulding elements of crown, baseboard, casing and ​more, each Collection offers solid core and glass interior doors especially designed to complement the mouldings for a cohesive, harmonized look in the home.​

​Each Collection offers the consumer a pre-selection of all the moulding elements needed in a home, including crowns, casings, baseboards and rosettes, as well as a range of solid, premium interior doors. All mouldings within a single Collection are sized to fit together in the right proportions. Interior doors in the Collection coordinate with their mouldings, making it easy for homeowners to achieve an aesthetic flow throughout the home and a result worthy of professional design standards.

​​​​​True Craft™​

​ ​Fashion Forward™ 

​ ​French Curves™

​ ​ Pretty Simple™ 

​ ​ ​Very Square™​