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OSI QUAD Advanced VOC Formula Window, Door & Siding Sealant is specially designed for sealing around windows, doors, fiber-cement siding, vinyl siding, roofing and gutters. It bonds without a primer to most common substrates like cedar, fiberglass, aluminum, masonry and concrete.

• all-weather, superior performance
• self tooling, for wet or dry surfaces
• will not crack or yellow & resists dirt & dust
• permanently flexible & paintable
• 4'' professional nozzle
• no air pops, will dispense smoothly upon extrusion from the cartridge

Not recommended for:
• filling nail holes
• joints deeper than 3/8" (9.5 mm) without the use of backing material or for applications less than 1/4" in thickness
• use on log homes
• sealing expansion joints, including butt joints
• use inside occupied structures
• continuous water immersion
• bonding polystyrene foams and polypropylene or polyethylene plastics
• use as a traffic bearing sealant