Product Code: AZMDRIPCAP16
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16ft  piece $1.58 lf  

AZEK® Drip Cap 11/16x1-5/8-16 Exterior PVC Moulding

Sill/Drip profiles can be used as a brick ledge or water table to separate two different material veneers. These profiles also offer architectural detail and assist with water management around doors, windows and cladding.
Detail profiles are versatile profiles that may be used as a base shoe, inside corner moulding or to cover any veneer juncture/joint. They can also be used as detailed accents in larger build-outs above windows, doors or along the rake of a roof line.
ratches, and fading
Quick and easy installation
Resists mold, mildew, and moisture damage
No cupping, rotting, or splitting
Suitable for ground contact applications
UV protection inside and out
Does not require paint for protection, but easily accepts paint
Same color, look, and feel as AZEK Trim
Covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty