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Zipwall® 20 dust barrier poles are designed for the professional contractor. Four anodized aluminum sections telescope up to 20 ft and twist to lock. Each spring-loaded pole is easy to set up without a ladder, a major safety benefit when working with high ceilings. The innovative non-skid, non-marking head locks the barrier material, allowing it to be raised with the pole and holds it securely in place without damaging the ceiling. A tight dust barrier can be set up in just a few minutes, one pole at a time, without ladders, tape or damage. The Zipwall® 20 poles are the tallest dust barrier poles. Anodized aluminum construction makes them sturdier than stainless steel, smoother to raise and to lock and the best foundation for Zipwall® accessories like FoamRail™ tapeless seals. These poles are versatile, extending from 5 ft 2 in to 20 ft and built for heavy use.