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Smart-Bit® Pre-drilling and Countersinking Tool for Decks and Woodworking

For use with hardwoods and matching Headcote® and Deckfast® Stainless Screws
The Smart-Bit® Pre-drilling and Countersinking Tool is designed for decking and general woodworking. The tool features a pre-set countersink, a free spinning stop collar to protect the work surface, and replaceable Powerbolic® fluted drill bits that cut through decking more than twice as fast as standard wood bits.

Headcote® and Deckfast® Stainless compatible: The countersink profiles of Smart-Bit tools are precisely matched to Headcote and Deckfast Stainless screws. For materials that require pre-drilling, especially hardwoods, this product combination makes it easy to achieve a clean and professional finish.