Product Code: SYDAGLGGV546RL
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12ft  piece $5.44 lf  
16ft  piece $5.44 lf  
20ft  piece $5.44 lf  
Sylvanix 2-Color Decking · Aspen Grey/Lake Grey · 5/4x6 · Grooved (Elite Collection)

The only composite deck board featuring 2 different colors on each board. Why settle on one color when you can have two?

The Sylvanix Elite Collection draws from nature to capture the essence and aesthetics of real wood. Subtle color and texture variations mimic the intricate details of natural wood grain with colors that are stylish, warm, and instantly inviting - ready to complement any surrounding.

Sylvanix Elite grooved decking is compatible with most hidden fastening systems designed for use with composite decking. Sylvanix recommends stainless steel composite screws for all face fastening applications.