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Non-shrink, non-metallic structural hydraulic cement for high strength grouting of heavy machinery, steel bearing plates, concrete columns, etc.


• Meets or exceeds ASTM C1107 (Plastic and Flowable)
• Non-corrosive, will not attack reinforcement
• Non-shrink
• Non-metallic, Non-staining
• High strength
• Pumpable for easy placement
• Meets Corps of Engineers Specification CRD-C 621

Use for structural grouting and general purpose structural grouting:

• For use above, at, or below grade
• Column bases
• Anchor bolts
• Machinery bases
• Sole plates
• Tilt-up panels
• Steel bearing plates
• Reinforcing steel in block cells
• Dowel rods
• Transfer lines
• Concrete - poured in place, precast, tilt-up and prestressed