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HYDROTRIM corners are designed specifically for contractors looking for a faster, simpler alternative to metal and plastic corner bead. HYDROTRIM is a durable, no-mess corner that delivers a superior finish in less time.

Fast & Easy to Apply

Simply spray with water, roll on. No screws, staples or messy adhesive spray needed.

Superior Bond

Water-activated adhesive creates an indestructible bond to drywall; perforated holes allow joint compound to permanently seal corner to wall.

Will not Dent

Paper-plastic-paper tapered design absorbs impacts better than metal or paper faced corners.

HYDROTRIM’s patent-pending design includes punch holes in the paper-plastic-paper flaps that allow joint compound to further bond the corner to the drywall, preventing the blistering that has plagued other water-activated products. Either hangers or finishers can install HYDROTRIM corners.