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Titanium® PSU30 is the only modified rubberized asphalt Peel & Stick underlayment with a patented slip resistant Sure-Foot® nodular walking surface technology that allows for easier steep slope walkability, even in wet or dusty conditions. PSU30 also features a crinkled silicon treated poly split release liner making removal quicker and easier than single sheet competitors.
PSU30 is specifically designed for waterproofing protection on 2:12 or greater sloped roof applications subject to the effects of ice damming and wind driven rain. Its rubberized asphalt adhesive offers a unique combination of both high temperature (240°F / 115°C) flow resistance, and low temperature (40°F / 4.4°C) deck adhesion. In addition PSU30 offers a 6 month UV exposure rating. Unlike other brands with multiple roll offerings for different roof types, a single PSU30 product can be used under all types of primary roofing materials including; metal, tile, shake, slate, and both asphalt and synthetic shingles.