Product Code: IRONITE
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• Nothing greens like Ironite
• Turns yellow to green
• Provides quick greening
• Won’t burn
• For all soil types
• NPK 1-0-1

About This Product:
Vibrant, deep green foliage is a sign of a vigorous plant. Pale green or yellow foliage can be caused by nutrient deficiencies which can be corrected by the nitrogen, iron and other minerals found in Ironite Mineral Supplement. Use this product to green up your lawn and garden.

Works Best On
• Lawns
• Shrubs
• Flowers
• Vegetables
• Trees

How To Use
For best results on lawns, use 4 times per year as a supplement to your regular fertilizer program.
Apply according to rates provided on the product package, not to exceed 10 lawn applications per year.