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Eastern Hard White Maple · S2S1E · Kiln Dried 4/4 (net 25/32") · FAS

Scientific Name: Acer Saccharum
Origin: Eastern US and Canada
Appearance: Sapwood is white to creamy-white. Heartwood is medium to dark brown.
Characteristics: Straight, close grain with fine texture. Heavy, hard, and tough. Pre-boring is necessary to prevent splitting. Select logs may produce fiddleback or birds-eye figure in lumber and veneer.

• sold by the board foot
• width = our stock contains boards of various widths
• length = approximately 8 ft.
• nominal thickness = 4/4
• actual thickness = 25/32 in.
• species = eastern white hard maple
• surfacing = planed on two sides, straight line ripped on one edge
• quality = firsts and seconds
• seasoning = kiln dried