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Home Fire Prest Logs 5#

• Cleaner Burning - Up to 50% less emissions than cordwood, which means little to no visible smoke.
• Safer To Use - Because of the extremely low moisture content, there is significantly less dangerous creosote buildup.
• More Efficient - High Energy® Firelogs are always dry. More energy is used to heat your home, not evaporating water as in cordwood.
• A Better Value - When you purchase high-density firelogs, you know what you are purchasing in terms of quality and quantity. By comparison, buying cordwood is an inexact science at best. Moisture content and quantity can vary greatly in cordwood.
• Clean To Use - No dirt or bugs to be carried into your home, and because they are 98% combustible there is less ash accumulation in your stove to clean out.
• Long Burning - The high density of these firelogs means longer burn times between reloading.

NOTE: This is a seasonal item and may not be available outside of the winter months.