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This hot melt adhesive is one of the most unique products in the PAM product line and performs similar to a permanent pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive. It bonds to a variety of metals, concrete, carpet tack strips, Hardie board, plastics, PVC, EPDM rubber, foils, wood, and other unique substrates. It is clear in color and has a medium open and set time. For best results, use in PAM HB220 glue stick gun.

» 1/2"×10" Sticks
» Open Time: 50 seconds
» Set Time: 60 seconds
» Viscosity: At 356 F, 4,000 CPS °F
» Softening Point: 194 °F
» Heat Resistance: 160 °F
» Cold Resistance: 5 °F
» Working Temp: 356-392 °F
» WPS 68 Heat Resistance at 130 °F: 100g/cm2 (shear load)

» Carpet
» EPDM - Synthetic Rubber
» Finished Concrete
» Foil
» Hardie Board
» Metal
» Plastic
» Rubber
» Wood