Product Code: PM15RL
Length Qty Price
8ft  piece $1.88 lf  
10ft  piece $1.88 lf  
12ft  piece $1.88 lf  
16ft  piece $1.88 lf  
The flat, smooth surface is uniform, dense and free of knots & grain patterns, which makes finishing operations simpler and more economical.

MDF’s uniform nature gives it consistency from surface to core, which allows for high detail and precise machining techniques with 100% run consistency.

Primed MDF boards use an exclusive finish with a dual coat, dual sand process which minimizes finishing time and the associated costs.

Interior trim boards allow you to get that smooth finished look at an economical price.

Eased edges on these boards deliver a crisp, neat appearance.

The dimensions in the product description are NOMINAL.

Actual product measures approximately 11/16"x4-9/16"