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+ Premium Douglas Fir APA 303 Plywood Siding · Plain Face · 4x9x5/8" (net 19/32") · 6 patch

Our Douglas fir plywood siding is a premium, APA 303-6 patch product. It is without exception the best T-111 plywood product on the market. Douglas fir provides exceptional stability in a variety of weather conditions which is why it is utilized in so many areas of the country that cannot handle pine or other inferior quick growth species. When comparing fir vs pine we start with the log and look at the growth rings. Fir takes 2 to 4 times as long to grow which creates much tighter growth rings, thus a much denser, tighter and stable piece of veneer. When exposed to the elements douglas fir remains more stable, with much less tendency to buckle or get wavy. This stands above similar products made from pine, which have a tendency to fail in our Pacific Northwest climate.