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ROCKWOOL Comfortboard 80 Thermal Insulated Sheathing - 2" R-8 - 4x8 Panel

ROCKWOOL Comfortboard 80 thermal insulated sheathing is a rigid stone wool insulation board designed for use as an exterior continuous insulation. It does not produce smoke or propagate flames, keeping occupants safe and reducing property damage in the event of a fire. Vapor permeable, this solution allows fast outward drying, keeping moisture out of your wall assembly. Certified by the California State Fire Marshall's Building Materials Listing Program, Comfortboard 80 has also received ICC-ES (CCMC 12718-R - 13573-L) validated product acceptance for the following uses:

  • Non-structural thermal insulation in non-fire-resistive rated dwellings

  • Exterior perimeter insulation around foundation

  • Under flat concrete slab

  • A component of residential wood-framed  cathedral ceilings

  • In areas where probability of termite infestation is 'very heavy'