Product Code: GASH266RL
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8ft  piece $1.38 lf  
10ft  piece $1.38 lf  
12ft  piece $1.38 lf  

Hemlock Lattice Strip · 1/4"x1-5/8" · Unfinished Moulding #266

Pitch and resin free
Eliminates blotching and bleeding through the finished surface.

Superior stain ability
Hemlock mouldings are suitable for all colors of stain or clear coat finishes. This versatility allows you to finish your hemlock mouldings to match doors, floors or cabinets with a variety of wood finishes.

Consistent color
With little variation in grain or color, you can easily install hemlock mouldings throughout the home without spending time matching each piece.

Durability for a variety of uses
Pacific Coast Hemlock Mouldings hold nails or screws very well, with no concerns over cracks or separations in the wood. In addition, it is resistant to splintering. Its resistance to scrapes and dents makes it ideal for use in high-traffic areas.

Subtle grain