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35ft  piece $22.88 lf  
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37ft  piece $22.88 lf  
38ft  piece $22.88 lf  
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40ft  piece $22.88 lf  
41ft  piece $22.88 lf  
42ft  piece $22.88 lf  
43ft  piece $22.88 lf  
44ft  piece $22.88 lf  
45ft  piece $22.88 lf  
46ft  piece $22.88 lf  
47ft  piece $22.88 lf  
48ft  piece $22.88 lf  
You’ve probably been framing with traditional solid sawn lumber beams, headers, columns and studs for as long as you’ve been building. Now, through advances in technology and design, there is a better choice – RigidLam LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) beams, headers, columns and studs. They are simply a better alternative than traditional solid sawn lumber pieces. Why not make the job easier by working with a stronger, stiffer, consistent and more predictable building material. Compared with similar sized sections, our RigidLam LVL products can support heavier loads and allow greater spans than conventional lumber.


• Stronger, stiffer, more consistent
• Dimensionally stable
• APA quality assured
• FSC certified LVL available
• Longer spans than conventional lumber
• Greater load carrying capacity than conventional lumber

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