Product Code: SDGA16RLTG
Length Qty Price
3ft  piece $10.98 lf  
4ft  piece $10.98 lf  
5ft  piece $10.98 lf  
6ft  piece $10.98 lf  
7ft  piece $10.98 lf  
8ft  piece $10.98 lf  
9ft  piece $10.98 lf  
10ft  piece $10.98 lf  
11ft  piece $10.98 lf  
12ft  piece $10.98 lf  
13ft  piece $10.98 lf  
14ft  piece $10.98 lf  
15ft  piece $10.98 lf  
16ft  piece $10.98 lf  
17ft  piece $10.98 lf  
18ft  piece $10.98 lf  
19ft  piece $10.98 lf  
20ft  piece $10.98 lf  
Tongue&Groove Siding Cedar A&Better Kiln Dried 5/8x6-R/L

• Clear, dry and defect free tongue and groove pattern for siding or panel graded for the smooth v-joint side but in most cases it can be used with the rough sawn flush side out