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Quad Foam: Foam Window & Door Foam is a single component, minimal expansion and low pressure polyurethane foam designed specifically for use with the WINTeQ Window & Door installation system. It is dispensed in bead form for sealing gaps and cracks, holes and voids around windows & doors in most types of construction projects. The premium formulation is low pressure and minimal expansion foam that will not warp or deform windows & doors. The closed cell structure provides an R factor of 5 per inch of cured foam making it an efficient method for stopping air and moisture infiltration.

• Low pressure, low expansion won't bow windows
• Cold temperature application
• Quick setting & closed cell formula locks out water & air
• GreenGuard Certified for Children and Schools
• Can be cut or trimmed in less than an hour
• Remains flexible, will not crack over time
• Part of a complete Window Installation System