Product Code: CMG28RLDSILL
Length Qty Price
6ft  piece $13.18 lf  
8ft  piece $13.18 lf  
10ft  piece $13.18 lf  
12ft  piece $13.18 lf  
14ft  piece $13.18 lf  
16ft  piece $13.18 lf  
18ft  piece $13.18 lf  
20ft  piece $13.18 lf  
Door Sill MG Fir 2x8

• C & better vertical grain fir stair tread that's net 1 thick by 11-1/4 wide
• Available from 3ft. to 20ft.
• Long lengths are more expensive per foot than short lengths
• C grade finish allows for small infrequent knots and other