Product Code: MDF093RL
Length Qty Price
8ft  piece $0.98 lf  
16ft  piece $0.98 lf  

Defect free
The flat, smooth surface is uniform, dense and free of knots & grain patterns, which makes finishing operations simpler and more economical.

High quality raw material
MDF’s uniform nature gives it consistency from surface to core, which allows for high detail and precise machining techniques with 100% run consistency.

Domestic manufacturing
By producing material domestically, we promote responsive lead times--this allows for higher inventory turn rates and more accurate forecasting. In addition, being a domestic manufacturer allows Metrie™ to have an excellent perspective on their customer’s market needs.

Highest quality
Metrie’s unwavering focus on quality and our multiple-stage quality control checks mean that Platinum Prime mouldings are the highest quality available. This will give you confidence in knowing you have been supplied with the best product on the market.