Product Code: DK2612
Length Qty Price
12ft  piece $2.78 lf  
This is a Western Red Cedar decking board. It is a premium grade that will have minimal wane, which makes the boards more likely to be flippable if you don’t like one of the sides. It is kiln dried, which means the board is less likely to shrink and move after installation. This also shortens the gap between install and finishing as the board is drier in the core.

Stamps on deck boards like “Select” don’t mean much in the cedar world as there is no structural requirement that requires grading. This product is one step below clear cedar decking

• actual dimensions = 1-1/2 in. thick, 5-1/2 in. wide

• species = western red cedar
• surfacing = S4S – surfaced on all 4 side

• grade = tight knot
• seasoning = kiln dried