BAM16062S Dasso Bamboo Decking · Grooved 2 Sides · 1x6 · 6' Length · bndl of 3 For optimal performance and to protect your warranty, PLEASE carefully follow all finishing and installation instructions for this product.

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$89.88 bndl-18lf bndl-18lf
• Double Grooved Edge 1x6 Bamboo Decking looks luxurious and lasts.
• 6-foot end matched boards are revolutionizing decking.
• Have the superior performance of tropical hardwood, but each plank is straight, smooth and color consistent with a truly green story.
• Size: 3/4" X 5-3/8" X 6'
• Joinery: End matched, two edge grooved
• Face/bottom milling: One side reeded face, 4mm radius
• Pre-Stained : WOCA oil
• Type(s) of installation: Blind clips or Screw (plugs available)